NEW YORK — Schöck, an international developer of products for thermal insulation, impact sound insulation, and reinforcement technology, has announced the United States introduction of Isokorb®, a solution to thermal bridging in the building envelope.


Isokorb, a load-bearing and thermal-insulating element for connecting cantilevers, such as balconies and canopies which penetrate a building’s exterior, is said to offer the following advantages:

• Energy savings and less operating cost from space heating;

• Reduced risk of damage from condensation and mold;

• Improvement in comfort from warmer surface temperatures; and

• Contribution towards sustainable building practices and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) accreditation.

Specifically, Isokorb reduces heat transfer through the building envelope, and therefore provides a higher interior temperature. According to the company, this approach to thermal break technology reduces energy consumption, helps prevent the formation of condensation and mold, and increases building occupant comfort.

Isokorb is already being successfully implemented in the United States in projects at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the University of Massachusetts, and the Kimbell Art Museum in Forth Worth, Texas.

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Publication date: 12/17/2012