TUCSON, Ariz. — SOLON Corp., a major provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) products, has introduced SOLquick™, a new patent-pending commercial solar rooftop installation solution. According to the company, initial SOLquick flat roof installation has been shown to reduce mechanical installation time by over 85 percent and electrical installation time by 50 percent. SOLquick’s integrated laminate plus mount design features Fibrex® material from Andersen Corp. and is designed to provide significant cost savings compared to conventional module installations.

Together with the introduction of SOLquick, SOLON also announced an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Andersen, one of the most recognized window brands in the U.S., for its Fibrex material. SOLquick’s lightweight frame is constructed with Fibrex material.

“Together with Andersen Corporation, SOLON is taking rooftop PV to new heights with a fast, versatile, simple to install solution that reflects the innovation that the commercial and utility-scale PV markets need,” said Dan Alcombright, chief executive officer and president of North America for SOLON. “Designers are able to standardize around one simple design, installers greatly reduce the time and cost associated with installing the system, and end customers begin generating energy from a high quality, trusted industry brand more quickly.”

To create a fast and easy to install solution for commercial rooftops, SOLquick is designed to ship to the work site fully assembled as an integrated unit, with laminate and racking all in one. The product can be installed in 10 units per man-hour with simple module-to-module connection, said the company. Rapid installation is possible because the units require no assembly, grounding, or tools for installation. This greatly reduces the costs associated with conventional racking methods which require staging, assembly, and grounding.

In addition, SOLquick is easy to handle because it is lightweight — less than three pounds per square foot average distributed weight.

“The Fibrex material from Andersen has a natural place in the SOLON technology portfolio with its extensive list of attractive properties for commercial and utility-scale solar PV installations,” said Scott Koenig, general manager of Andersen’s Fibrex Strategic Operations Group. “Having been used in outdoor applications since 1993 with an impressive history of performing well in all weather and environmental conditions, Fibrex material will no doubt enhance PV products in the field. Moreover, we are proud to be incorporating Fibrex material into proven renewable energy solutions by SOLON.”

For more information, visit www.solon.com.

Publication date: 11/07/2011