UL/ETL-Certified HVAC TapesThe company’s full line of UL/ETL-certified HVAC tapes is specifically engineered to meet the most stringent requirements of HVAC engineers and contractors. The company’s line of HVAC tapes includes the newly introduced UL-rated AC50UL cloth duct tape for flexible air ducts and connectors. Other HVAC tape products are ALF-175L aluminum foil tape for general HVAC ductwork purposes; ALF-201L aluminum foil tape with kraft liner for rigid duct board and flexible duct systems; and AC698, a premium HVAC tape for sealing flexible duct. According to the manufacturer, the tapes create the necessary airtight permanent seal required by municipal, state, and national building codes on flexible ductwork, rigid duct board, and other applications, and they can help system designers meet sustainability goals, contributing to earning green building credits based on requirements established by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Energy Star, and other certifications.

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