Expanding its line of UL 181 B-FX Certified DUCTape™ products, the company has introduced a metalized version of AC50UL DUCTape. Contractors can choose the version of AC50UL tape according to the specific application need. The tape is specially designed for use on challenging surfaces, as well as for bonding, protecting, bundling, and repair applications. The metalized IPG HVAC tape, with its reflective finish, is especially suited for joining seams on flexible air duct with metallic jackets and duct board with exterior foil laminate vapor retarders, the company said. The 14-mil high-strength polyethylene-coated cloth duct tape is engineered with an aggressive adhesive to create a strong bond to duct surfaces, including sheet metal. The high strength of the tape enables it to withstand vertical pull from the weight of the duct system, while its elongation rating makes it easy to tear by hand for simple installation. The tape is rated for class 1 ductwork and is engineered for use in a wide range of temperatures from 32°-200°F. The airtight tape is resistant to moisture and mold growth. According to the manufacturer, the tape should be used in accordance with flexible duct manufacturers’ instructions.

Intertape Polymer Group® Inc.

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