thermodynamic steam trapPart of the PowerDyne™ thermodynamic steam trap family, the Stainless Steel (A182 F304) P46SRN has a replaceable module and the same capacity, pressure, and temperature specifications as the cast steel version but in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body. It is designed for efficient performance, low-cost maintenance, and durability. The replaceable module allows the P46SRN to be serviced without removing the trap body from the installation. A large built-in screen and optional BD2 blowdown valve simplifies maintenance and ensures production performance. The air jacket insulates the pressure chamber, reducing no-load cycling, and minimizing the wear of the disc and valve seat. A high-tolerance, lapped disc provides a steamtight seal without air binding. A durable bimetal air vent ring automatically vents air.

TLV® Corp.

eProduct 185