LG Flex Multi-Quad Zones installed in gymnasiumCompany:LG (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.)

Customer: Jackson County Board of Education (Jefferson, Ga.)

Installation: LG Flex Multi-Quad Zones

Completion: April 2012

Objective: Provide a highly cost-effective air conditioning solution for a multiuse gymnasium that had never been air conditioned.

Work Completed: Jackson County Board of Education members wished to add air conditioning to the North Jackson Elementary school gymnasium, which hosts physical education activities, assemblies, graduation ceremonies, and more. A traditional air conditioning conversion would have included a ground-package unit and fabricated ductwork. Costs to convert the electric service and install the necessary 30-ton package were estimated at $52,000. Alternatively, the school elected to install eight indoor ductless units and three ceiling cassettes on the existing electrical system. Seven outdoor units operate independently of each other, providing load matching capability and a zoned effect. An additional inverter system allowed administrators to remove space heaters, thus eliminating the gym’s winter heating bill.

“Using the LG technology not only enabled the district to stay within budget, it allowed them to exceed their estimates for conversion. We saved more than $10,000 by installing the LG systems — and that’s before we ever factor in operating savings.”
- Josh Patton, HVAC foreman, Jackson County Board of Education

Publication date: 10/15/2012