COMPANY:TAC, Carrollton, Texas

INSTALLATION:Central Monitoring and Control System

COMPLETION:Scheduled for July 2007

CUSTOMER:The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD)

OBJECTIVE:Manage mechanical systems at more than 220 schools.

DESCRIPTION:The $2.5 million design and build services contract to provide the Dallas ISD with a Web-based, district-wide monitoring and control system follows in the wake of major school renovations and additions financed by a $1.4 billion bond program. TAC’s building management system (BMS), installed in over 70 schools since 2002, needed a front-end for monitoring and viewing facilities remotely. Using TAC Xenta™ 527 products, the company integrated seven LON® vendors and three legacy systems from manufacturers such as JCI, Distech, Circon, Invensys, Honeywell, and Trane. The new system allows operators to monitor, control, and trend all available points, giving district employees the ability to take a proactive approach to managing comfort levels and equipment. Each school has a unique IP address, its own user name, and its own password. “Each time the district had a hot/cold call, personnel would physically drive to the school. Everything was done in a reactive mode,” said Jeffrey Drees, vice president, systems Integration-Central, TAC.

Publication date:05/28/2007