COMPANY: Trane, Piscataway, N.J.

INSTALLATION:The Trane Tracer ES™ Controls and CenTraVac® Chillers

COMPLETION:Scheduled for 2010

CUSTOMER: Decatur Central High School, Indianapolis

OBJECTIVE:Create classrooms with less noise and more energy efficiency.

DESCRIPTION:Rather than build a new high school in Indianapolis, Decatur Central High School administrators have opted to keep the 1960s building open while renovations are completed in phases between now and 2010. “The renovation will include new instructional wings and the renovation of the fine arts area and athletic areas,” said Dave Rather, Decatur’s assistant superintendent. “Our goals are to increase learning capacity and to create high performance classrooms that are efficient, safe, quiet, and conducive to teaching and learning.” Decatur Central selected Trane to provide an integrated HVAC system that includes: Trane Tracer ES™ controls and two 570-ton CenTraVac® centrifugal chillers. Tracer ES is a Web-based program that provides a view into all of a building’s control systems with simplified integration and compatibility. Tracer ES allows the troubleshooting of system problems remotely as well as tracks and analyzes data over time.

Publication date:07/09/2007