It was the summer of 2020 and Avon Old Farms School needed a new ventilation system. Avon Old Farms School is an all-boys private boarding high school in Avon, Connecticut. It was founded in 1927. And as a historic campus of that era, it had no previous ventilation in place. The goal was to enhance indoor air quality and take on COVID-19 to prepare for reopening in the fall. Plus, as a historic campus, all of the school’s buildings had to remain intact. Any changes made had to be completely reversible, and hiding the equipment wasn’t an option. Finally, the school needed the ventilation system to be as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

Van Zelm Engineers and Air Equipment, LLC calculated appropriate ventilation rates and laid out air distribution systems featuring RenewAire ERVs. They then contacted RST Thermal to ensure an on-time delivery of the ERVs: 14 EV450IN units, 6 HE1XINH units, and 3 EV200 units.

The team placed the intake and exhaust vents in windows, at least 10 feet apart. ERVs and ductwork were installed on the ceiling to keep it out of the way. Heating coils were placed downstream from the ERV fans provides supplemental heat for wintertime.

The team worked fast to make sure the school was ready for reopening. Now the facility staff turns on the ERVs two hours ahead of classes and sets them to run for 12 hours using a timer. This ensures the ERVs operate continuously until two hours after classes end for successful pre- and post-purge.

The only requirement is to change the filters every three months. RenewAire ERVs reduce energy use on average by 53% in the summer and 68% in the winter.