GREENVALE, N.Y. — Slant/Fin, a boiler and baseboard equipment manufacturer, has announced the availability of a new heat loss calculator app designed for use with the iPad or iPhone. According to the company, its Hydronic Explorer app makes it easier for heating professionals to determine, in-home, the best equipment to maximize comfort and efficiency for the customer.

“It’s a win-win for contractors and customers,” said Adam Dubin, president of Slant/Fin. “Our new Hydronic Explorer saves the professional time and money while improving their standard of service, and gives the consumer added fuel savings and peace-of-mind knowing they’re getting the best for their home. To top things off, during this introductory period, we’re offering our Hydronic Explorer app to all heating contractors and homeowners for free.”

The app ties a heat loss calculator directly into a boiler product selection guide and a baseboard product selection guide. This allows contractors to produce a heat loss calculation at a customer’s home, then quickly find the appropriate product(s) and make better-informed recommendations for boilers and baseboard. The contractor enters the required measurements in the app to calculate total heat loss, then goes to the boiler selector and/or baseboard selector to determine which product(s) best suit the customer’s specific heating needs.

“Most contractors do their best to calculate using just pencil and paper; not an easy task,” said Dubin. “In the past, with much lower fuel prices, conventional wisdom was to oversize rather than undersize. Today’s heating costs make proper sizing critical.”

Dubin noted that the Hydronic Explorer app can be used solely for heat loss calculation or as a product selection guide, as well as in tandem. Also, once the app is loaded, Wi-Fi is not necessary to utilize the calculator. Wi-Fi capability is only needed if a contractor desires additional information regarding recommended products, and needs to visit Slant/Fin’s website.

For more information and to download the app, visit

Publication date: 10/15/2012