Duct Smoke DetectorsRemote testing capability has been added to the updated Series DNR and watertight NEMA DNRW InnovairFlex™ intelligent duct smoke detector housing with the intelligent Remote Test Capable® photoelectric detector (2251BR). This optional detector is especially designed for use in applications requiring a remote test. It enables updated DNR(W) duct smoke detectors to be tested remotely when used in conjunction with RTS151 or RTS151KEY remote test stations. The InnovairFlex duct smoke detector can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints. It offers superb false alarm immunity, a broad temperature range of –4 to 158°F (–20 to 70°C), easily visible status indicators, and a readily accessible test feature. For increased ease of installation, technicians can install plug-in sampling tubes for InnovairFlex from the front or back without using tools.

System Sensor

eProduct 188