duct linerManufactured from a durable polyester material, PolyArmor™ duct liner is fiberglass-free and won’t irritate the skin, the company said. The polyester material is webbed into a thermal blanket, which is then bonded with a Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) facing to resist damage during system installation and operation, while also providing excellent durability in the airstream. The duct liner’s composition allows the material to reach an R-5 at a thickness of 1 inch. Engineered to be easily applied with standard water-based adhesives and either weld pins or mechanical pins, PolyArmor reduces both shop labor and material costs over rubberized insulations, claimed the manufacturer. It is mildew and mold resistant and made of 25 percent recycled content.

Ductmate Industries Inc.

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