thermostatThe Emerson Blue™ Wireless Easy Install™ thermostat system is ideal for residential applications where pulling any wire would be difficult or cost prohibitive, said the company. The thermostat system is compatible with most conventional and heat pump systems that are single- or multi-stage, including dual-fuel applications. It will reduce hot and cold spots in the home using up to three wireless sensors that can be located anywhere in the home for optimum temperature sensing. Heat pumps with dual-fuel applications can be controlled using a fourth wireless sensor that is located outdoors or by using the Dual Fuel Logic program within the system’s configuration. The outdoor sensor displays the current outdoor temperature on the Comfort Interface display. Features include a battery status indicator, which shows if it has a full charge, half charge, or it’s time to replace the battery; and “Call for Service” displays when a fault occurs in the system.


eProduct 185