Trane appApp Name:Trane Mobile Application for the Professional (Trane MAP)

Company: Trane

Platform: Apple iPad

Release Date: October 2011

Cost: Free download for Trane Comfort Specialist

Available for download at: Trane ComfortSite (

Description: Trane provides their premier dealers with a fully integrated, step-by-step sales tool in the form of an iPad application. This leverages new technology to support dealers, while also providing customers with a totally customized sales experience based on personalized comfort requirements. The software includes a home comfort checklist, connected home solutions, product brochures, product videos, and more.

“Trane has taken a proven sales process, coupled with a robust and integrated app, and projected it through the most innovative tool of our time. You combine that with our Trane Comfort Specialist dealers, and we can’t help but stand apart and provide a superior buying experience for the consumer..”
— Lisa Stickley, channel marketing manager for Trane

Publication date: 03/19/2012