screen shotSoftware P-Library allows anyone to develop pump curves for any centrifugal pump. The program creates a file that can be used in the Pump-Flo selection and Pipe-Flo system design software. According to the manufacturer, what this means for system designers or pump specifiers is that a pump that might not be available through the downloadable Pump-Flo catalogs can be graphed using a spreadsheet or digitizing tablet and saved as a digital pump catalog file. Pipe-Flo Professional software users will find this program to be particularly time saving because building a pump catalog in P-Library is faster, allows for multiple impeller diameters to be included, and is saved in a PMP file format, says the company. PMP files can be installed into Pipe-Flo and used in different system files rather than having to build a pump curve for every new piping system designed in the Pipe-Flo and Flow of Fluids software. Pump manufacturers who use Pump-Flo can use P-Library for pump catalog database management. Pump manufacturers can use the software to generate a catalog of data-driven performance curves. The catalog can then be used for internal record keeping, generating factory-certified curves for sales packages, distributed to end users for use with the Pump-Flo desktop selection software, and it can even be posted on P-Library comes with an introductory training course, one year of software support and upgrades, and a detailed user guide that gets the user up and running quickly.

Pump-Flo Solutions, Engineered Software Inc.

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