Pump Flo Version 10, aka Pump-Flo X, is the latest version of this pump selection software for the fluid-handling industry. The software suite is used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors, and pump users/specifiers in the sizing and selection of pumps. It shows dynamic pump curves, and aids purchasers and suppliers in the quotation process. New features include the ability to determine the proper selection point for multiple pump operation by means of the Multiple Pump Design Point calculator. The user can now select regenerative turbine pump styles. There is an added option of selecting pumps in pressure units, and a new curve generator that automatically shows the system resistance curve on the pump graph. A new Atmospheric Pressure Calculator has been included to help users determine the normal atmospheric pressure based on the local elevation; these measurements can have an effect on accurate pump selection. Other modifications make the variable-speed cost analysis tool easier to use because the system curve information is automatically available to the user. The software suite is available in both a Windows-based CD and Web-based form.

Engineered Software Inc., c/o Pump-Flo Solutions, 4529 Intelco Loop SE, Ste. A, Lacey, WA 98503-5941; 800-786-8545; sales@pump-flo.com; www.pump-flo.com/solutions/

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