cooling tower fanProviding a 12- to 15-dBa sound reduction, the Whisper Quiet Fan for the PT2 cooling tower has CTI certified thermal capacity, and is ASHRAE 90.1 compliant, says the company. The fan itself is a chemical resistant, durable, high solidity, single piece, molded fan made out of fiberglass reinforced polyester. The fan is fully factory-installed and aligned, requiring no field installation. According to the manufacturer, when used in conjunction with water silencers, the PT2 can mitigate water and fan sound to meet even the most challenging sound specifications. High solidity axial fan decreases fan speed, which proportionally decreases sound levels. Features include durable single-piece molded fan, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) construction, and single piece lift capable for ease of installation. The fan is fully factory installed and aligned, with no field installation required.

Baltimore Aircoil Co.

eProduct 187