Three heating training guides, written by James Ries and Richard Bruno and illustrated by James Ries, detail important heating components. The books guide the reader through procedures, using intuitive illustrations and easy-to-understand language. “The Complete Guide to Residential Gas Heating,” is a highly detailed training guide used in the home-heating industry for training maintenance technicians. It is based on five modern oil burner technologies, including the Beckett AFII and AFG; Riello R35 and F40; and the Carlin EZ-Pro. “The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heating” manual is a concise, step-by-step guide from individual components through advanced troubleshooting of oil heating systems. The training guide will take readers from basic component descriptions; their integration within the system; their function; possible problems with corresponding solutions; and maintenance, repair, and replacement. “The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Burners” is a training manual that combines codes, piping, wiring, and venting under one cover. All of the new heating guides contain detailed illustrations, diagrams, demonstrations, and quiz questions to clarify key concepts and procedures.

Refrigeration Service Engineers Society

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