WILMINGTON, N.C., and DENVER — Efficient Energy America (E2America), a leading supplier of building optimization technology, announced that the company has expanded its operations to Colorado, with a primary focus on improving energy efficiency in restaurants. Already installed in McDonalds, Bojangles, Taco Bell, and Golden Corral franchises across the United States, E2America said its automated, self-refining, wireless, retrofit building control systems go beyond traditional energy management technology to reduce electricity costs, usage and carbon emissions for commercial enterprises.

Reducing energy usage and costs can be especially challenging in the restaurant industry when considering all the factors that can influence the temperature in different areas of a building, said the company. Typically, most energy management systems rely solely on what the temperature is in a single area inside a building, without taking into account the many variables that affect thermal comfort.

E2America’s system more directly impacts overall energy consumption by optimizing HVAC performance and better managing electricity demand, the company said. The technology not only considers the environment inside a commercial building, but also considers the environment a building is in, ensuring maximum thermal comfort in all areas. The system takes into account 19 variables, including external weather data, internal and external humidity, solar heat load and building occupancy to continually monitor, control, and optimize the operation of the building’s HVAC systems.

According to the company, its customers save as much as $800 each month, per location, on electricity costs after installation. For business owners or managers with several restaurant locations, the savings can be even more substantial. The company currently partners with a number of utility companies and electric cooperatives in Colorado and across the country, including Xcel Energy, Black Hills Energy, Progress Energy, and Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, to offer incentive programs for commercial customers. Business owners can also take advantage of federal tax credits for energy efficiency technology installed in 2011.

“We are excited to expand our business into Colorado where green initiatives are a priority,” said Dara O’Neill, E2America CEO. “This is a win-win for business owners and the environment as our technology eliminates non-essential run times of HVAC units, resulting in lower energy bills and therefore increased profits.”

For more information, visit www.e2america.com.

Publication date: 11/07/2011