insulationDesigned for exterior applications, the ArmaTuff® insulation product is a combination of a multilaminate cladding material manufactured by Venture and laminated to Armaflex® insulation. It provides heavy-duty, year-round weather protection. The embossed white surface does not require painting, so ArmaTuff can be installed to exterior ducts, tanks, vessels, and pipes in one step, saving installation labor costs. The puncture-resistant cladding provides year-round UV and weather protection. According to the company, the combination of the aluminum and polyester cladding and the closed-cell construction of Armaflex gives ArmaTuff zero permeability, so owners avoid costly replacements due to moisture damage. ArmaTuff is available in 36- by 48-inch sheets (with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive) and in rolls 48- inches wide (without pressure-sensitive adhesive). It comes in 1-, 1½-, and 2-inch thicknesses. Installation with Armaflex 520 adhesive and ArmaTuff Seal Tape provides an excellent vapor retarder barrier.

Armacell LLC

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