Designed for use on saturated steam, the TVA Target Variable Area flowmeter is available in DN50, DN80, and DN100 sizes. With a wide flow range turndownSpirax Sarco: Saturated Steam Flowmeterof50:1, it is ideal for applications where there are large variations in flow rates, the company states. The integral electronics unit removes the need for a differential pressure transmitter, impulse lines, and additional equipment. A built-in temperature sensor provides full-density compensation and enables power, energy, flow, total flow, pressure, and temperature to be displayed. All flow parameters are fully configured on an integral keypad, so no additional tools or configurations are required for setup and commissioning. The TVA is supplied as a fully calibrated unit. The unique design of a variable area cone in the flow path makes it highly resistant to erosion from water droplets in saturated steam. As a result, it can be installed for long periods without deterioration in accuracy, the company says. The combustion air grilles previously located on the front panels have been eliminated and replaced by a combustion air filter box on the back of the appliance. The diagnostic LCD light panel has been moved toward the center of the boiler for easier access, as well.

Spirax Sarco
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