COMPANY:Tozour Energy Systems Inc. (King of Prussia, Pa.)

INSTALLATION:Trane chillers, Calmac ice tanks, Trane Tracer Summit Control system


CUSTOMER:SSH Management (Philadelphia)

OBJECTIVE:To provide a comfortable and energy efficient space while cutting overhead expenses.

DESCRIPTION:1500 Walnut, a 22-story commercial high-rise built in 1926, is a center piece in the Philadelphia skyline. Its HVAC equipment had not been upgraded in more than 25 years, so Tozour-Trane used the latest technology and customized controls to achieve greater energy efficiency for the historic building.

Tozour installed two Trane chillers and 12 Calmac ice tanks, along with 28 new air handlers. In addition, Tozour added a new pump system and heat exchangers, along with a new Trane Tracer Summit Control system. The installation of the ice storage plant allowed the building’s owners to save more than $200,000 per year in operational costs through electrical savings and steam usage. These new building energy assets, including HVAC and ice storage system, have enabled 1500 Walnut to become the first commercial building in the city of Philadelphia to interface with the smart grid. Tozour has partnered with Viridity Energy to implement software that will allow 1500 Walnut to provide continuous congestion relief to the grid operator, making the building a virtual power plant.

“Tozour really put 1500 Walnut into the 21st century. The energy savings from our new equipment helps us put money into upgrades for other parts of the building and gives our tenants an even better place in which to do business.”
- Phil Rosen, president, SSH Management

Publication date:05/09/2011