The Sinamics® G110D drive platform has been added to the company’s Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portfolio. According to the manufacturer, the drive platform is ideal for installation in close proximity to motors located throughout facilities where dust and water ingression are a concern. It includes integrated plug-and-play power and control for easier installation and an optional intelligent operator panel (IOP) for simple text application setup in a reduced footprint. The IOP further assists the machine operator with a greater level of control, as well as alarm status alerts and resolution advice, so troubleshooting time is greatly reduced. The Sinamics G110D includes an optional power disconnect switch, and the IP65 metal housing enclosure has a low profile for easier mounting near the motor, with no drive cabinet required, for further space savings. The drive platform can either directly communicate with a programmable logic controller (PLC) or control via I/O inputs. AS-Interface bus configuration and optional maintenance and manual-auto switch are incorporated into the drive, making it easy to integrate with other hardware in an overall control schematic. Integrated brake control and quick stop functions provide a higher degree of reliability in heavy-load operations, says the company.

Siemens Industry Inc., Drive Technologies (DT) Division, Atlanta, GA;

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