Company: Siemens Industry Inc.

Product: Simotics/Sinamics Combination Packages

Description: This product allows an OEM or end user the option to select the optimum solution for a variety of heavy-duty industrial motion control applications from a single source. Choosing from a pre-determined list of motor/drive combinations, the customer simply makes the selection best suited to the application. The motor and drive are packaged on a single pallet, shipped and invoiced together. The combinations are also power-matched for 480V high-overload operation through a 20 hp range, with I2T protection from thermal damage provided as a standard in both the motor and the drive components. The Siemens Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) is included with these packages, allowing easy step-by-step drive startup. Application macros are provided in the Sinamics G120C drive for easy installation and wiring; the terminals are pre-assigned at the factory, and the parameters are automatically set. The SIMOTICS SD100 motors are rugged cast-iron with inverter duty ratings in a 4:1 speed range for constant torque and 20:1 speed range for variable torque. Simotics SD100 units are severe-duty TEFC motors that meet NEMA Premium® efficiency. Communications selections on these matched motor/drive combinations include RS485 with USS and Modbus protocols. A Profibus variant is also offered for a Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) solution. Standard pricing has been established for a wide variety of motor/drive combinations from 1–20 hp and is included in the available literature on this new Siemens service.

Contact: 800-879-8079,, eProduct 191

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