The Humidity Control Unit 8000 (HCU-8000) combines cooling and desiccant dehumidification technologies in one energy-efficient system. The unit is an addition to a line of energy-efficient dehumidifiers for industrial temporary humidity control applications. It controls dew point temperatures in hot, humid climates, and is ideal for use in structural drying, temporary humidity control in building construction, and condensation and corrosion control, the company says. The HCU-8000 removes humidity utilizing a packaged refrigeration system in conjunction with an adsorbent high carbon desiccant wheel. The unit operates cost effectively because the energy required for the regeneration of the desiccant wheel is recycled from the condenser waste heat. Features of the unit include built-in digital controller, remote monitoring capabilities, selection of humidity or temperature demand as the control point, high-efficiency scroll compressors, titanium-enhanced silica gel wheel with carbon, and variable-frequency drives for capacity control.

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