The ExactAire system allows technicians to conveniently monitor and configure the operation of the company’s temporary dehumidification, cooling, and heating equipment remotely via a secure website. The system records climate control conditions on an onboard memory chip and transmits those conditions to a secure website every hour. These detailed messages include the recorded conditions, and the location, make, model, and serial number of the unit involved. Alert messages are completely customizable, allowing the customer to choose whether alert messages are delivered via a pager, e-mail, or text message on a cellular telephone. With a password, the customer can access the recorded conditions on the website and download them to a text or PDF file, giving the manufacturer’s customer immediate access to accurate conditions recorded on the job that are less than 60 minutes old. Additionally, the customer can be alerted to a problem before costly moisture- and temperature-related problems occur. An ExactAire notification will alert the technician if the system is not holding the appropriate temperature, humidity, or dew point. The system can be powered by a 110-V line, 12-vdc current, or by solar collectors if there is no power available.

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