ZoneFirst Round Motorized Take-Off Damper

LAS VEGAS - ZoneFirst is introducing the new Round Motorized Take-Off Damper, Economy Two Zone Panel MEZ2, and Digital Three Zone Panel MDZ3.

According to the company, the Round Motorized Take-Off Damper is easily adhered to the side of a main trunk and instead of a manual balancing has a motorized damper. The motorized damper can now be controlled by any switch or thermostat to open and close to control the flow of air into the branch duct. The advantage to the take-off damper is it eliminates the need to have a take-off or start collar and then use a zone damper to control the duct. This combines the start collar and motorized damper into one.

The Economy Two Zone Panel MEZ2 is a low-cost single stage two zone control panel exclusively for ZoneFirst’s Plug-In Dampers. The EZ2 can use virtually any thermostat to provide two zone control of any single stage heating cooling system, says the company. The panel features LED indicators and damper test buttons aid in system status, operation, and checkout.

The Digital Three Zone Panel MDZ3 controls up to three zones and is expandable up to 100 zones with the additional MDZA adder panels. The MDZ3 features a LCD digital display for easy system configuration and settings. The MDZ3 also has a patent pending Stage Optimization feature, which controls the staging of the heating and cooling based on the delivered air temperature.

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