LAS VEGAS - GrayWolf Sensing Solutions is introducing a new handheld environmental meter, the AdvancedSense™. The instrument is used for applications such as IAQ assessment and general HVAC testing. In addition to optional built-in sensors (auto-zeroing differential pressure and barometric pressure) as many as 20 extra sensors may be connected simultaneously to the AdvancedSense. Measure your choice of TVOCs, CO2 (for ventilation assessment), air velocity, particulates, and specific gases (such as CO, O3, H2S, SO2, NO2, etc.).

According to the company, the meter allows you to log instantaneously, as a “snapshot”, trend log over time, or set up the AdvancedSense to auto-log over a specific time interval. Notes can be attached to data files on-site for efficient documentation. Extensive statistics about each sensor/parameter are available simply by tapping on readings on the display. Once you’ve collected data, WolfSense PC software (supplied as standard) enables download, analysis, and report creation.

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