A full range of OPC gateways that have been tested to be compliant with OPC Foundation Specifications for DA 2.05a are available. They range from the ProtoCessor gateways that enable OEMs to easily provide OPC interface, to the company’s multichannel gateways for the end user and integrator to communicate via OPC. The gateways provide legacy and proprietary devices access to the power of OPC. The gateways tested to be compliant to OPC specifications include FS-B20 Series, FS-B3510, FS-B40 Series, OPC server, and ProtoNode. The FS-B20 Series is an OPC gateway with serial and Ethernet interface capability. FS-B3510 is a multichannel OPC gateway with dual Ethernet and four serial ports to interface multiple devices and protocols to OPC. The FS-B40 Series are 10-port OPC gateways with 10 serial and dual Ethernet ports for large system interface. The OPC server is a standalone OPC server, and the ProtoNode is an external gateway solution for OEM applications.

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