The FS-B-OPC OPC server is a stand-alone gateway linking legacy building automation devices and systems using other protocols to OPC. This server/gateway utilizes the company’s extensive driver library combined with its OPC Server software in one complete stand-alone package. Serial and Ethernet protocols are available such as Modbus, BACnet, Metasys, and other protocols used on programmable logic controllers, HVAC devices, boilers, chillers, and other equipment. The FS-B-OPC OPC includes one RS-232 serial port (RS-485 to RS-232 converters available) and one Ethernet port. This server is OPC Foundation-compliant with Data Access Server Version 2.0. The base system has a 1,000-point capacity upgradeable to 10,000 points. The server is complete with all the software needed to link a device to OPC.

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