This gateway is designed to enable the user to interface to Ethernet/IP devices from a wide range of devices found in the building automation and process control industries. Some of the interfaces with this gateway include DF1, DH+, DNP, ControlNet, SNMP, Profibus, and Modbus devices. In addition, for the building automation industry, companion drivers for HVAC equipment, including chillers and boilers, are available, as well as fire alarm panels. The Ethernet/IP gateway is available in the single-port FS-B20 Series or the multiport FS-B40 Series. According to the company, the gateway is a true protocol translator, not simply a tunneling device, so only one gateway is needed to link a device to Ethernet/IP.

FieldServer Technologies, 1991 Tarob Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035; 800-509-1970 or 408-262-2299; 408-262-9042 (fax);

eProduct #184