The FS-B4011 10-port LonWorks® gateway, FS-B2011 serial-LonWorks-Ethernet gateway, and FS-B3510 multiport LonWorks gateway have LonMark Certification as gateways with changeable network variable types. The gateways enable transfer between serial, Ethernet, and LonWorks protocols. The design of the gateways provides the integrator the capability to interface more than 1,000 network variables with a single configurable gateway. The FS-B2011, in addition to the LonWorks connector, includes a serial (RS-232 or RS-485) and Ethernet (10BaseT) connector. The FS-B3510 includes four serial connections (two RS-232 and two RS-485), two Ethernet ports, and a LonWorks port. The FS-B4011 Series includes eight RS-232 ports, two RS-485 ports, two Ethernet (10BaseT) ports, and one LonWorks port to interface to the devices.

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