COURSE TITLE:Right-Suite™ Residential Computer Training

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada

DATE:April 8-9


COURSE DESCRIPTION:The program is intended for those who currently own the Right-Suite Canada Residential software program. Participants will go through a basic block load calculation using an actual blueprint as a starting point followed by a room-by-room load calculation, design of a multizone residential system using Right-Draw and Right-F280, and design of a duct system using Right-Duct and Right-Draw. Participants will also look at various duct systems, etc. Those participants in the Right-Suite training program are expected to have read the manual that accompanies the software and be familiar with the

COURSE TITLE:Compleat Boiler Room


DATE:April 14-15

LOCATION:Cranston, R.I.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course shows how to install outstanding boiler rooms. Discussion includes sizing and near-boiler piping for both cast iron and modulating-condensing boilers, the proper sizing and application of circulators and zone valves, zoning strategies, and hydronic electronics. The advanced training program covers the latest in controls and products, with extended hands-on opportunities and is designed for and will benefit any experienced hydronics installer or designer. The course is open to all FloPro Team members, Taco’s free contractor training and development program. The classes are North American Technician Excellence-Recognized and National Oilheat Research

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Publication date:03/14/2011