Course Title:Advanced Radiant Controls and Electronics

Sponsoring Organization:Uponor

Date:May 19-21, 2008

Location:Apple Valley, Minn.

Course Description:This program is designed for radiant contractors wishing to deepen their understanding of radiant system controls and electronics. It focuses on the operation and application of advanced water temperature control strategies, including full-load reset, motorized mixing valves and variable-speed injection mixing, as well as low-voltage wiring and zoning options.

Course Title:Semi-Hermetic Compressor 06C/D/E (SER172)

Sponsoring Organization:Carrier Corp.

Date:May 28-30, 2008

Location:Syracuse, N.Y.

Course Description:The course is designed to train field personnel to identify and correct the causes of compressor failure so that repeated failures are eliminated. The program includes an introduction to Carlyle Compressors; Models 06D and 06E, familiarization and operation; reciprocating compressor failure diagnosis, teardown, and analysis; system diagnostics; and procedures to prevent repeat failures. The suggested prerequisite classes are HVAC Electrical Pro-Troubleshooting (SER027) and HVAC Mechanical Pro-Troubleshooting (SER028) or equivalent field experience.

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Publication date:04/14/2008