The J-2000 Series of Aero Type differential pressure gauges are designed with a frictionless gauge movement. The gauges respond quickly to indicate low pressures, whether positive, negative (vacuum), or differential. Magnetic components of the spiral movement have been replaced with a rubber film, a sensitive component in measuring pressure. This design resists shock, vibration, and overpressures without fluid fill. The result is no difficulty with evaporation, freezing, or leveling. Featuring patented safe-slide pointers in green, yellow, and red, the gauges allow the user to set visible reminders of safe, warning, and danger ranges with this feature. Combined with the easy-to-read red-tipped aluminum pointer, the gauge features excellent readability, even from a distance. The J-2000 Series gauges are available in units of psi, Pa, kPa, inches of water, millimeters of water, and centimeters of water. With specified accuracies as rigorous as ±2 percent, measurements are precise and reliable, says the company.

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