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ClimaCool(www.climacoolcorp.com) introduced the newest addition to the ClimaCool® product line - the air-cooled packaged unit - Model UCA. These modules offer flexibility with only three simple operating requirements: air, water, and electricity. UCA models are available in 20 and 30 tons and can be configured to provide project turndown and capacity requirements from 20 to 360 tons.

Security Chimneys Intl. Secure Seal™


Security Chimneys Intl.(www.securitychimneys.com) announced the launch of its Secure Seal™ line of venting systems. Available in both single and double wall construction, Secure Seal is a factory-built Special Gas Vent designed for Category I, II, III, and IV gas-fired appliances having a maximum flue temperature of 550°F. Secure Seal venting systems are manufactured from AL29-4C®, a super-ferritic stainless steel designed for extreme resistance to corrosion. On double-wall systems, the casing is manufactured from type 441 stainless steel to provide long-lasting performance and stability. A 1-inch air space separates the flue from the casing.

Furnaces - Heaters

Gas-heating equipment fromCozy(www.cozyheaters.com) included a counter flow wall furnace that mounts on any outside wall and a top vent model for inside or outside wall.

Detroit Radiant(www.reverberray.com) showed quad tube, multiburner, two-stage low-intensity heaters. Its design incorporates the high-intensity infrared with low-intensity infrared, in an approach designed to increase production levels while reducing energy costs.

Louisville Tin & Stove(www.cozyheaters.com) featured HEDV25A, a high-efficiency, direct vent, gas-fired heater available in both natural and LP gas.

The Effinity93 gas-fired unit heater fromModine(www.modinehvac.com) is available in six sizes from 135,000 to 310,000 Btuh - all operating at 93 percent minimum efficiency, said the company.

Space-Ray(www.spaceray.com) showed the PTS/PTU Series tube heaters, positive pressure low intensity tube heaters incorporating a patent-pending Tube Integrity Safety System™ (TISS) that provides additional safety for building owners, the company said. The heater line can be used for retrofitting push-through systems and is certified for vented (sidewall or through the roof venting) or indirect vented operations.

TheWebster(www.webster-engineering.com) HDRMB burner uses, according to the company, a rapid mix burner technology. The low excess air design combines with an air density trim system for fuel and electrical savings.


Dow Chemical(www.dow.com) introduced DOWFROST™ GEO 20 heat transfer fluid, which is a ready-to-use, inhibited propylene glycol-based fluid specially formulated for geothermal heat pump systems. The fluid is formulated with 20 percent propylene glycol by volume to provide excellent heat transfer efficiency in geothermal service. The concentration level is important as it results in a relatively low fluid viscosity that enhances pumpability while minimizing energy use. DOWFROST GEO 20 has a low order of toxicity, is readily biodegradable, and is a safe alternative to methanol and ethanol.


Cleaver-Brooks(www.cleaverbrooks.com) showed boilers that used an EX technology to gather efficiency readings at low turndown ratios.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions(www.dynamicaqs.com), a manufacturer and distributor of IAQ products, showcased its V8 air cleaning system. The systems utilize a technology called non-ionizing, polarized-media, which reduces the energy and environmental footprint of an HVAC’s filtration system.

Enervex(www.enervex.com) announced an expansion of its line of power venters with maximum capacity now up to 13,500 cfm. The units are inline exhaust fans in compact design with aluminum centrifugal impellers.

A copper-silver ionization system for hot water systems was featured byH20 Biotech(www.h2obiotech.com). The company said the technology “is a 100 percent ecological approach, both curative and preventive, that enables substantial money savings.”

Hurst Boiler(www.hurstboiler.com) showed the Firemaster integrated monitoring system, a boiler control system designed to maximize boiler room efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. It was said to be fully automated.

Hydrolevel(www.hydrolevel.com) showed the Hydrostat, which has three functions: temperature limit, boiler reset, and low water cut-off. The unit also has a pre-purge feature that purges standing heat in the boiler at the start of any thermostat call, supplying latent heat to the energy zone that is calling.

Lattner(www.lattner.com) said it was expanding its product line to offer complete packages in electric, gas and oil, separators, and water-feed systems.

Modine(www.modinehvac.com) showed H2ot Dawg, a low-profile hot-water unit heater. Its range of applications includes residential garages, basements, and vestibules as well as commercial, industrial, and institutional installations.

Parker Industrial Boiler(www.parkerboiler.com) showed a condensing hot-water boiler power gas burner. The company said it consisted of stainless and carbon steel and is packaged with conventional boiler controls for simplicity and high efficiency operation.

Peerless(www.peerlessboilers.com) had the Series LC/LCE large commercial boilers with oil, gas, or combination gas/oil-fired boilers for hot water or steam systems. The forced draft venting requires a 3-foot vent above the roof.

UVDI(www.uvdi.com), a provider of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and molecular filtration products, showed V-Ray Grid, designed to reduce HVAC energy consumption by maintaining clean coils. The mechanical support system consists of vertical struts and mounting hardware that adjust for the duct or plenum height.

Watts’(www.watts.com) preassembled, pre-engineered boiler header module package consists of three components: the PIPF flanged purge valve, the RBFF residential boiler fill fitting, and the new AS-MB micro-bubble air separator. Combined, they create near-boiler piping and save the installation contractor time doing the piping work by avoiding a bucketful of fittings to accomplish the same task, the company said.

Weil-McLain Ultra boiler

Weil-McLain(www.weil-mclain.com) showed Ultra commercial boilers that the company said were low NOx certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. They are said to be lightweight and require minimal clearance and floor space.


Can USA(www.canfilters.com) 5- and 6-inch Max-Fans come with speed control built-in with three separate speeds. The motor itself has three separate coils; as the fan runs at the different speeds, it operates from the corresponding coil in the motor so there is no holding back of the motor or any strain. The Max-Fans are designed with energy efficiency and quiet operation in mind.

Comfort First Products(www.comfortfirstproducts.com) Filtered Diffuser is an enhanced diffuser with a built-in air filtration system. It offers four-way airflow and the ability to adjust the angle the air enters the room on all four sides; the adjustable airflow prevents air from blowing straight down onto occupants, eliminating draft complaints. Energy savings is achieved by the superior air distribution, which creates a consistent temperature throughout the room. The four electrostatic air filters cover each discharge point on the inside of the diffuser, filtering air as it enters the room and removing pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. It features a quick-release design for fast and easy filter replacement every six months.

Honeywell TrueClean™ whole-house air cleaning system

Honeywell(www.honeywell.com) TrueClean™ is an enhanced whole-house air cleaning system. Particles enter the TrueClean system through an ionizing array, where they become electrically charged. Next, particles travel into the media filter where they’re captured in the media fibers. A continuous charge ensures dirt is loaded 360 degrees around the filter fibers. Once particles are captured, the charging strips on opposite sides of the carbon-tipped media filter continue to charge and deactivate up to 99 percent of airborne particles and contaminants passing through the system.

HoneywellTrueFresh™ is a balanced ventilation system that simplifies hanging and duct connections, and balances without adjusting dampers. The compact, lightweight design and adjustable hanging straps of TrueFresh make it easy to raise, lower, and level the unit into place. The removable duct collars allow contractors to easily connect ductwork away from the unit. Two variable-speed motors, one for each airstream, work with the integrated speed control to balance the system.

HoneywellJade™ is an economizer that uses outdoor air to cool and ventilate an indoor space; it is easy to install and works seamlessly with existing and future rooftop systems. Jade includes an LCD screen that delivers continuous messages, important diagnostics, and system status. It provides on-board fault detection and diagnostics, which quickly identifies sensor failure or loss of communication, saving time on service and commissioning. It does not require a certified programmer or installer to set up or operate, saving money and time for users. Jade ensures that customers are able to meet current local and national ventilation codes. Additional Jade features include color-coded wiring terminals for easy installation, built-in freeze protection to protect coils when temperatures drop, and two-wire Sylk™ bus enabled communications for simple integration and future expansion.


Acrefine Engineering Services Ltd.(www.acrefine.co.uk) API-M type modular vibration isolation pad is designed to suit seismic and wind restraining applications. It is easy to cut to required size and shape, and bolting holes can be cut at required locations. It saves time and material costs during installation since there is no need for additional restraining parts such as snubbers.

Evolve Composites(www.evolvegrp.com) Evo-Slab pad products offer extreme flexibility in size options. Evo-Slab delivers the fit and finish of concrete, weight of plastic, strong and stable support surface, and the flexibility of order-on-demand by size and color. The company also launched MagJumper, a troubleshooting tool for the technician. Magnetic tips allow for jumping terminals and connections without worry of clips slipping off, recesses too small to fit the clips in, or having to hold the jumper while multitasking.

Grasslin by Intermatic defrost timer

Grasslin by Intermatic(www.intermatic.com) DTAV40 Mechanical and the DTAV40E electronic auto-voltage defrost timers automatically detect the appropriate supply voltage between 120 and 240 vac, replacing many voltage-specific competitive clocks. The auto-voltage feature reduces potential wiring errors and installation time.

M.H. Rhodes Cramer Co.(www.mhrhodes.com) added two products to its MarkTime® brand’s line of wall box time switches. Model 42ES5HD is a heavy-duty auto-on/auto-off switch with a 150° detection range and 10-meter (max) detection distance. Model 42ES624 is a heavy-duty auto-on/auto-off switch with optional manual off feature with 180° detection range and 10-meter (max) detection distance. These heavy-duty time switches enhance the passive infrared (PIR) sensor switch family. Both are available in white and ivory, and include wall plates. All MarkTime PIR switches are UL and cUL approved for incandescent lighting with rated loads of 500W at 120 vac.

PLCBuildings(http://plcbuildings.com) Bantam is an eight-relay, all-in-one lighting control panel. It comes standard with eight relays, eight switch inputs, an astronomical clock, and keypad programming. The Bantam also comes standard with four analog photo sensor inputs and MicroSD card. The Bantam is designed specifically for small buildings with up to eight lighting zones, which can be used for interior office, retail space, and lobbies as well as exterior parking lots and courtyards. Interior lighting can incorporate after-hour overrides with timed sweeps or with sentry-type line voltage switches. Exterior lighting can use an astronomical clock, dry contact, or analog photo sensor inputs.


“Spot cooling on steroids” was the promotion at the booth ofKwiKool (www.kwikool.com) for its Attic Master, a cooling unit with 6-inch diameter duct in 30-foot lengths to help a technician stay more comfortable while working in a confined hot space such as an attic.

Unitary - Cooling

Carrier(www.carrier.utc.com) introduced a low-profile 45Q Series fan-powered mixing box to create what the company called “a dedicated outdoor air system solution.” It was said to be an addition to the Axis air terminal family of products and integrates into Carrier chilled beam and water-source heat pump systems.


Comfort-Aire(www.comfort-aire.com) had updated printed information on its line of small-duct, high-velocity comfort systems. The SDHV system consists of an air handler that is coupled with a residential central air conditioner and furnace or heat pump, delivering the cool or warmed air through very small ducts.

Flanders(www.flanderscorp.com) showed Thermo-Seal air handlers. The product incorporates a “true” no-through metal design for improved insulating qualities.

Jackson Systems LLC Wireless Comfort™ Zoning

Jackson Systems LLC(www.jacksonsystems.com) introduced Wireless Comfort™ Zoning (WCZ-600). This system is a six-zone, two-position forced-air zone control panel offering the latest in wireless thermostat and damper technology. Some of the features of Wireless Comfort Zoning include: a programming display module (PDM) that guides the installer through all setup options; a proportional air distribution (PAD) that eliminates the need for conventional dampers; and a wireless proprietary protocol with up to 100-foot transmission range for thermostats and dampers.

Metropolitan Air Technology (MAT)(www.metairtec.com) is rolling out its new Individual Comfort Control System, which provides individual temperature control to all spaces within a VAV system, allowing individuals to set their zone to their comfort level. The system components include a programmable thermostat and MAT Electro-Balance® damper. The two components are wired together and the thermostat opens and closes the damper to modulate air flow into the space - achieving the desired temperature by the occupant. The individual thermostat controls allow occupants to “own their zone” using push-button controls.

The benefits include low-cost solution to a common problem; use in new or existing construction; no static pressure constraints; system energy savings; satisfies LEED® credit 6.2; and is configurable for 110V, 24V, or battery operation.

Zonefirst(www.zonefirst.com) introduced the round motorized take-off damper, which adheres to the side of a main trunk and instead of manual balancing has a motorized damper. The motorized damper can now be controlled by any switch or thermostat to open and close to control the flow of air into the branch duct. Also new was the economy two-zone panel MEZ2, a single-stage two-zone control panel exclusively for Zonefirst’s plug-in dampers. The MEZ2 can use virtually any thermostat to provide two-zone control of any single-stage heating cooling system, the company said. Also new was the digital three zone panel, MDZ3, which controls up to three zones and is expandable up to 100 zones with the additional MDZA adder panels.

Publication date:03/14/2011