The Econar® GeoSource™ Ultra Split System satisfies Energy Star® Tier 3 requirements and is available as a dual-fuel or standard split unit. The dual-fuel split system uses ColdClimate™ technology, providing more heating for every cooling Btu. Using the homeowner’s existing ductwork and furnace blower, the dual fuel/split system becomes the primary heating source in the winter, using less energy than a traditional furnace, claims the company. It also can provide air conditioning and dehumidification - no conventional air conditioning system is needed. For new or existing homes, the standard split system can provide all the heating and cooling needed throughout the year, says the manufacturer. Warm or cool air can be transmitted through an air-handling unit that can be installed anywhere in the home. It can use new or existing ductwork depending on where it is mounted. Both the dual-fuel and standard split systems are available as forced-air 3- and 4-ton units.

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