The Econar two-stage split system is available in two models: the air-handling split and dual-fuel split. The dual-fuel split system is made up of a compressor and an air coil that work with an existing fossil fuel furnace and ductwork. In the heating mode, the first stage of operation supplies the energy needed for minimal heating. As the temperature drops, the second stage kicks in to provide additional warmth. When temperatures go to the extreme, the furnace engages to add more heat. The air-handling split system consists of both a compressor and an air-handling unit and replaces a conventional furnace. Heating and cooling is transferred through the air-handling unit, which can be placed anywhere in the home. It can use existing or new ductwork depending on where it is mounted. It provides many installation options from new construction to retrofits and is designed for attics, crawl spaces, or other spots where space is limited or an all-in-one system could be hard to install.

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