WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it has more than 200 marketing summaries available on its Technology Commercialization Portal to help investors, entrepreneurs, and companies seeking cutting-edge energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies available for licensing. DOE said the Technology Commercialization Portal is an online resource that serves as a tool to identify opportunities to invest and commercialize the work being conducted by DOE laboratories and participating research institutions. The use of this tool allows the Department to accelerate the process of moving discoveries from the laboratory to the private sector.

According to DOE, these summaries explain technologies from a market opportunities perspective. The summaries offer a description of a technology; highlight the potential benefits, applications, advantages, and stage of development; and can connect investors and organizations to the proper licensing contact.

Technologies featured on the portal are organized into 14 categories including building energy efficiency; energy analysis models, tools, and software; geothermal; hydrogen and fuel cell; solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal. The site features a streamlined search for specific technologies, and allows the user to browse by subject area and sign up for e-mail updates.

In addition to the summaries focused on market opportunities for these technologies, the portal also has access to information on more than 14,000 patents and patent applications created using DOE funding since 1992.

For more information, visit http://techportal.eere.energy.gov/.

Publication date:10/18/2010