WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it has received certifications for over 600,000 residential appliances in 15 different product categories in response to the Department’s enhanced energy efficiency enforcement efforts. DOE recently announced that manufacturers had until Jan. 8, 2010 to submit correct energy use data before enforcement actions would be taken. The certification data provided by 160 different manufacturers will allow DOE to review manufacturers’ compliance with minimum energy efficiency standards and take action to ensure that products are delivering the required energy and cost savings.

“The Department of Energy’s newly enhanced enforcement efforts are greatly improving the quality of the energy efficiency information available to DOE and the American consumer,” said DOE’s General Counsel Scott Blake Harris. “Moving forward, we will aggressively pursue all manufacturers who have failed to comply with these certification requirements or whose products violate the country’s energy efficiency standards.”

Under federal law, manufacturers of a range of household appliances are required to certify with the Department that their models meet DOE’s minimum efficiency standards. DOE has emphasized that failure to submit these energy use reports violates the Energy Policy Conservation Act of 1975 and will result in enforcement by the Department, including civil penalties or fines.

DOE said it will immediately begin reviewing the filings and will aggressively enforce any violations.

Publication date:01/18/2010