The Whispersoft® register system incorporates features taken from conventional and high-velocity designs to create a hybrid register system and can be used on both conventional and high-velocity HVAC systems. Designed for home remodels, the register has a 3-inch opening and can fit in tight locations as well. According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for homes with radiators. The system uses four registers per ton on conventional HVAC equipment and uses 6-inch service runs so that the register puts out 100 cfm. A 4x3 reducer is also available that uses 4-inch flex duct and puts out 50 cfm. The 5½-inch outer diameter registers resemble recessed lighting and can blend into their surroundings. They are available in white, brown, and natural oak.

Whispersoft Register System, 8027 Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63119; 866-733-8211;;

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