Another model of the SuperBrute XL circulator is available. The UPS50-60 is intended for residential and commercial applications. It features the three-speed wet-rotor design. The three-speed motor allows the pump speed to be adjusted to fit a specific application. The versatility of the unit reduces the number of circulators carried on a truck and reduces installation time and callbacks. Being a sealless and oilless design, the circulator is virtually maintenance-free, says the company. The easy-to-read LED allows someone to tell if the circulator is running. The circulator’s volute has a standard two-bolt flange with a built-in nut-capture feature that holds the bolt steady during tightening. Spared from having to use a second wrench to keep the bolt from slipping or turning, the installer has a free hand to hold the circulator in place. The circulator is available in both cast iron and stainless steel material options.

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