The SuperBruteXL, Models UPS 26-150 and UPS 43-100, three-speed circulators are designed for residential and commercial applications. The circulator offers a flow range of 0 to 65 gpm and a head range from 0 to 46 feet. It can handle fluid temperatures from 36 to 195°F with a maximum working pressure of 145 psi. The circulated water surrounds the rotor, so its shaft and bearings are constantly in contact with, and cooled by, the water being circulated. The wet-rotor design doesn’t require a noisy fan, so it provides whisper-quiet operation. Being a sealless and oilless design, the circulator is virtually maintenance-free. In addition to the cast-iron and cast-iron-rotated models, the SuperBruteXL is available with a stainless steel volute for more challenging, aggressive water environments. According to the company, the threaded 1/4-inch NPT flange ports allow one to easily install a temperature sensor, pressure gauge, or any other accessory (only available on UPS 43-100 models).

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