The Heat Pack Register Heater is an in-line register heater used to supplement heat from the supply duct to the register supply boot. The heater installs directly to an HVAC boot to correct improperly balanced heating systems or act as a mini “central” heating system. It features a custom wireless thermostat, fully insulated body, commercial-grade heating coil and rack and is UL-approved for zero-clearance installation. With no thermostat wiring and a custom, patent-pending hanger system, the register heater offers easy, hands-free installation. According to the manufacturer, the register heater improves heating efficiency without the need for space heaters or wall-mounted units. It can be used in bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, nurseries, garages, attics, workshops, or anywhere extra heating capacity is needed. In warmer months, the Heat Pack can also be used in fan mode to assist airflow and keep a home cool.

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