The ESC Version 10 software streamlines data entry and date flow, expanding the computing capabilities both in the office and the field. Users can correspond with customers via mail merge, and new customer accounts are date stamped, letting users filter reports by the date customers were added. Users can also attach a salesperson to each customer so invoices will be auto-assigned to the designated salesperson. The software catches duplicate customers before they are created, and users can eliminate existing duplicates by merging locations, which can be used for transferring information from builder to buyer. The redesigned dispatch entry screen makes sure that dispatched techs are properly equipped for the jobsites they visit. The new search field on the Dispatch Board makes it easier for users to easily find current dispatches. Alterations to the reporting functions let users better view, compare, and edit reports, allowing an unlimited number of reports to be open at once, providing side-by-side comparisons. The Web Front Office, ESC’s Web portal, has been redesigned to make it more comprehensive, and expanded setup screens let users manage more of the software from the Web.

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