SAN DIEGO - Advanced Telemetry, developer of the EcoView™ smart energy and resource management system for business and residential applications, announced that Cotti Foods Corp., one of the nation’s largest Taco Bell franchisees, is deploying the EcoView Commercial system in all of its 50-plus Southern California locations.

The company said this contract follows recent announcements that multi-unit Taco Bell operator AIP Ventures is also rolling the EcoView Commercial system out to all 12 of its Seattle-area Taco Bell locations; RIO Management, a Portland, Ore.-based multi-unit Burger King operator, is deploying the solution in seven of its restaurants; FX4, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based multi-unit Arby’s operator, is installing EcoView Commercial in its stores; and Jim ’n Nick’s Bar-B-Q is also initiating a full-scale rollout of the system to its network of 25 restaurants across six states.

Cotti Foods field-tested the EcoView Commercial system in 15 of its Taco Bell restaurants for an average nine months per location. Steve Dees, COO of Cotti Foods, noted, “We are convinced of the benefits that the EcoView product offers us and are committed for the long haul. With such a large number of restaurants, the ability to remotely monitor, control, and limit access to our climate control systems will ensure that our facilities are comfortable while at the same time efficiently operated. And, while the system itself is affordably priced, this large-scale deployment will be even more cost-effective via rebate incentives we’ve qualified to receive from our local utility, Southern California Edison.”

Dees continued, “We’ve also benefited from Advanced Telemetry’s remote Network Operations Center account specialists. If I’m at a restaurant and determine that a change needs to be made, I simply pick up the phone and the support team makes it happen immediately.”

“Our recent succession of multi-unit restaurant installations demonstrates that EcoView Commercial maintains its stronghold as the industry’s most effective and economical ‘go-to’ energy management solution,” said Gus Ezcurra, CEO of Advanced Telemetry. “As economic pressures grow, energy costs rise, profit margins shrink, and the need for environmental responsibility escalates, businesses are in desperate need of a properly managed end-to-end solution that delivers on its promise of facilitating lower energy use and related utility bills. While other energy management systems on the market are largely designed for small residential or larger business facilities, aren’t networked, are utility company-dependent, and/or require active system monitoring and management by on-site personnel, EcoView Commercial addresses the unique needs of small commercial owners and tenants with a fully remotely managed, cost-effective, end-to-end solution.”

Controlled through a wireless touch panel “dashboard” or Web interface and completely independent of a utility company, the system helps business users understand, track, and control how they are consuming energy, said the company. Also, its Network Operations Center account specialists are available to remotely monitor user consumption data to immediately detect, diagnose, and issue alerts regarding anomalies, such as a sudden temperature change when a freezer, walk-in cooler, or back door has been left open too long. This specialist-based remote monitoring can also spot potential problems with HVAC and other resource-dependent mechanicals early on before catastrophic failures occur.

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Publication date:12/14/2009