The Imperial® 800 Series four-valve aluminum body manifold line has a deep draw vacuum valve design. The manifold, with its proprietary new diaphragm design, is guaranteed to bounce back and maintain its peak efficiency at extreme operating pressures, claims the company. The four valves - vacuum, low side, high side, and refrigerant - are individually connected and controlled for efficiency, with no need to switch charging lines. A 3/8-inch vacuum port evacuates four times faster than ordinary manifolds. Soft-seat valves require only fingertip pressure to completely close. Precision gauges have easy-to-read color scales and provide resistance to shock, vibration, and pulsation. Models that include a hose feature the Polarshield™ Hi-Performance hose; the hose is UL®-approved, has an 800-psi working pressure, and 4,000-psi burst pressure. Packaging options include a retail clamshell or commercial boxed style.

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