The OptiFlo™ pressure-independent control valve and Circuit Setter® UltraSet™ pressure-independent flow limiting valve feature integrated pressure/temperature ports to easily verify differential pressure and temperatures. The OptiFlo valve combines an externally field-adjustable automatic balance valve and a full modulating control valve with 100 percent valve authority. The valve maintains the set flow (± 5 percent of setting) regardless of fluctuations in system pressure. It is available in sizes between ½-1¼ inches. The valve features flow rates from 0.3 through 13.2 gpm. The Circuit Setter UltraSet is a field-adjustable automatic flow limiting balance valve featuring an external locking handle that simplifies onsite flow adjustments. It features sizes ranging from ½ through 2 inches, and has field-adjustable flow rates from 0.18-45.46 gpm.

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