NIBCO IBThe Coil-Connect™ manual and automatic balancing valves, combination ball valves, and unions and valve kits are available. Coil-Connect kits are provided with integral union connections and multiple tapped ports. Strainers and drain valves are also standard. Packaged in heavy-duty, recyclable poly bags, each valve kit is clearly marked with a diagram that indicates where it fits within the HVAC system. Products can also be purchased as individual components and are available in eight standard kit configurations in ½- to 2-inch sizes. According to the manufacturer, customers can now install, balance, and verify system performance quickly and move on, and new Coil-Connect kits simplify installation and on-site organization. Backed by a five-year warranty, Coil-Connect valves are engineered for reliability, featuring union-end connections, integral strainers, and drain valves.


eProduct 184