The AB-QM pressure-independent control valve provides a flow limiter and a control valve in one compact package. The valve can be used as a stand-alone, automatic flow limiter valve or as a combined flow limiter and control valve when fitted with a wide range of the company’s actuators, providing accurate and stable flow. The actuators are available in several control strategies: 0-10-V, pulse width modulation, on-off thermal, and on-off and 0-10-V electric actuators. The valve can be used in all cooling and heating applications. For installers, setting the valve is straightforward and can be done without tools. The easy-setting procedure makes late changes in the design, or subsequent system modifications, simple to implement. The AB-QM is available in various valve sizes ranging from 1/2 to 1-1/4 inches. According to the manufacturer, the valve’s authority no longer needs to be calculated because it features a unique design that ensures 100 percent authority with all settings and differential pressures, increasing control quality and precision.

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